Mozilla CA Information Report

As of December 18, 2018

CA Owner Name Organizational Type Geographic Focus Primary Market / Customer Base Company Website Recognized CAA Domains Problem Reporting Mechanism
AC Camerfirma, S.A. Commercial Organization Spain Camerfirma S.A. is a commercial CA issuing certificates for companies primarily in Spain. Camerfirma is the digital certification authority for Chambers of Commerce in Spain. incidentes[at]camerfirma[dot]com
Actalis Public Corporation Italy Actalis CA has a wide number of customers, mainly banks and local government. Actalis is a Qualified certification service provider according to the EU Signature Directive (Directive 1999/93/EC). cert-problem[at]actalis[dot]it,
Amazon Trust Services Commercial Organization USA, Global The Amazon PKI is run by Amazon Web Services. Customers of the Amazon PKI are the general public. We do not require that customers have a domain registration with Amazon, use domain suffixes where Amazon is the registrant, or have other services from Amazon.,,,, ats-tsp-requests[at]amazon[dot]com,
Asseco Data Systems S.A. (previously Unizeto Certum) Public Corporation Poland Certum is an organizational unit of Asseco Data Systems S.A., providing certification services related to electronic signatures. It is the oldest public, commercial CA in Poland; operating on a global scale - serving customers in over 50 countries worldwide.,, revoke[at]certum[dot]pl,,contact_contact.xml
Atos Private Corporation Germany, Europe Atos Trustcenter acts in Europe, but also has international customers. The PKI-Services are offered to the Public, with no restrictions to user groups. gmde-trustcenter[at]atos[dot]net,
Autoridad de Certificacion Firmaprofesional Commercial Organization Spain Firmaprofesional is a commercial CA in Spain that issues certificates to professional corporations, companies and other institutions. cumplimiento[at]firmaprofesional[dot]com
Buypass Public Corporation Norway, Europe Buypass is a provider of secure solutions for electronic identification, electronic signature, and payment. Buypass is registered with the Post and Telecommunications Authority as the issuer of the qualified ID according to the law on electronic signature., ca-security[at]buypass[dot]no,
Certicámara Commercial Organization Colombia and Andean Regions
Certinomis / Docapost Commercial Organization France Certinomis delivers certificates to the general public in France, and is the Certificate Service Provider of "La Poste" the French Postal Service., support[dot]enligne[at]certinomis[dot]fr,
certSIGN Private Corporation Romania certSIGN is a company member of UTI Group and an accredited supplier of certification services. revokecsgn[at]certsign[dot]ro
China Financial Certification Authority (CFCA) Public Corporation China CFCA SSL Certificates can be used in the areas such as online banking, e-commence, e-politic, enterprise informatization and public services and so on.
There are more than 200 Chinese banks that are using CFCA’s certificates to ensure the security of online banking trade. rc[at]cfca[dot]com[dot]cn
Chunghwa Telecom Public Corporation Taiwan Chunghwa Telecom (CHT) chiefly provides telecommunication and information-related services. CHT is the largest integrated telecommunication operator in Taiwan.,,,,, caservice[at]cht[dot]com[dot]tw,,,
ComSign Private Corporation Israel ComSign is owned by Comda, Ltd., and was appointed by the Justice Ministry as a CA in Israel in accordance with the Electronic Signature Law 5761-2001. ComSign has issued electronic signatures to thousands of business people in Israel. , , , by mail to support[at]comsign[dot]co[dot]il
by mail to yaire[at]comda[dot]co[dot]il
at our site at
at our site at and all over our site
Consorci Administració Oberta de Catalunya (Consorci AOC, CATCert) Public Corporation Catalunya in Spain It is a public company that serves as the government CA of the Region of the Autonomic Community of Catalunya in Spain. CATCert is issuing email encryption and signing certificates free of charge to Catalan citizens that request them, and these certificates are accepted by various national agencies. incident_pki[at]aoc[dot]cat
Cybertrust Japan / JCSI Commercial Organization Japan jcsi-r[at]cybertrust[dot]ne[dot]jp
D-TRUST Government Agency Germany, Europe, Global D-TRUST GmbH is a subsidiary of Bundesdruckerei GmbH (BDR) and is fully owned by the German State.,,, ssl-issue[at]bdr[dot]de,
Dhimyotis / Certigna Public Corporation France, Europe Dhimyotis is the name of the company and Certigna is the brand for their certificates. contact[at]dhimyotis[dot]com, (change Subject to “Certificate considered malicious or dangerous”)
DigiCert Public Corporation USA, Global DigiCert provides digital certification and identity assurance services internationally to a variety of sectors including business, education, and government.,,,,,,,,, support[at]digicert[dot]com, DL-VSN-report_SSL_issue[at]symantec[dot]com, revoke[at]digicert[dot]com
Disig, a.s. Private Corporation Slovak Republic Provides certification service mainly for Slovakian market, issuing certificates to general public, private companies, and governmental organizations. tspnotify[at]disig[dot]sk,;
DocuSign (OpenTrust/Keynectis) Private Corporation France, EMEA The company is known as Docusign/Keynectis, with the Certplus and OpenTrust brands.
Issues certs to public or private corporations, associations. rcprogram[at]docusign[dot]com
E-Tugra Commercial Organization Turkey,
EDICOM Commercial Organization Spain, European Union, Global
Entrust Public Corporation Canada, Global Entrust is a commercial CA serving the global market for SSL web certificates. Entrust also issues certificates to subordinate CAs for enterprise and commercial use., ecs[dot]support[at]entrustdatacard[dot]com, abuse[at]affirmtrust[dot]com,,
Global Digital Cybersecurity Authority Co., Ltd. (Formerly Guang Dong Certificate Authority (GDCA)) Government Agency China Primary market / customer base:
a) Business corporations registered in mainland China
b) Government agencies of China
c) Individuals or mainland China citizens
d) Servers of business corporations which have been registered in mainland China
e) Software developers webtrustreport[at]gdca[dot]com[dot]cn
GlobalSign Private Corporation USA, Global GlobalSign provides Businesses and Individuals with SSL, SMIME and code signing certificates as we have done for well over a decade. report-abuse[at]globalsign[dot]com, support[at]globalsign[dot]com,
GoDaddy Commercial Organization USA, Global Based in US, practices[at]starfieldtech[dot]com,,
Google Trust Services LLC (GTS) Commercial Organization Global GTS issues server authentication, client authentication, email (both signing and encrypting), and code signing certs to the general public.,, contact[at]pki[dot]goog
Government of Hong Kong (SAR), Hongkong Post, Certizen Government Agency Hong Kong (SAR), China techsupp[at]hongkongpost[dot]gov[dot]hk
Government of Spain, Autoritat de Certificació de la Comunitat Valenciana (ACCV) Government Agency Valencia region of Spain accv[at]accv[dot]es
Government of Spain, Fábrica Nacional de Moneda y Timbre (FNMT) Government Agency Spain FNMT-RCM, through its CERES Department, provides its clients with the PKI, as well as a full catalogue of services to support the services of administrations and companies, in order to provide them with legal security and validity in a simple and comfortable manner for the citizens. incidentes[dot]ceres[at]fnmt[dot]es
Government of Taiwan, Government Root Certification Authority (GRCA) Government Agency Taiwan GRCA (Government Root Certification Authority) is the trust anchor for the Taiwan Government PKI. egov[at]service[dot]gov[dot]tw,,
Government of The Netherlands, PKIoverheid (Logius) Government Agency Netherlands The CSPs (commercial and governmental organisations) will issue several types of certificates, such as authentication, encryption, non-repudiation and SSL, to end-users. End-users can be companies and governmental organisations., KPN and ESG, contact pkivalidation[at]kpn[dot]com.
QuoVadis contact support[at]quovadisglobal[dot]com (Phone +31(0)302324320 during office hours or +16512293456 outside office hours.
Digidentity, contact info[at]digidentity[dot]eu, or call +31(0)887 78 78 78.
For CAs not listed above, general issues or issues with multiple CAs, contact pkioverheid[at]logius[dot]nl.
Government of Turkey, Kamu Sertifikasyon Merkezi (Kamu SM) Government Agency Turkey Public Certification Authority of Turkey cainfo[at]kamusm[dot]gov[dot]tr
HARICA Consortium Greece, Greek Academic and Research Institutions HARICA is a non-profit organization serving the Greek Academic and Research Community support[at]harica[dot]gr, ca[at]harica[dot]gr
IdenTrust Services, LLC Public Corporation USA IdenTrust is a for-profit corporation serving the private, commercial, and government sectors., reportproblem[at]identrust[dot]com,
Internet Security Research Group (ISRG) Non-Profit Organization Global Offers server authentication certificates to the general public around the world. security[at]letsencrypt[dot]org, cert-prob-reports[at]letsencrypt[dot]org,,
Izenpe S.A. Government Agency Basque Country, Spain Also offers certificates to private organizations,,,, info[at]izenpe[dot]com
Krajowa Izba Rozliczeniowa S.A. (KIR) Private Corporation Poland KIR S.A. is the one of the biggest Polish CAs which currently mainly issues qualified certificates for general public. Our certification is for non-qualified certificates only but our clients of qualified certificates are very interested in trusted non-qualified certificates.
LuxTrust Government Agency Luxembourg End-entity certificates are issued to:
- Natural persons, in compliance with EU directive 1999/93/EC
- Private and public Organisations (incl. SSL and code signing). problem[dot]reporting[at]luxtrust[dot]lu
Microsec Ltd. Private Corporation Hungary info[at]e-szigno[dot]hu,
NetLock Ltd. Commercial Organization Hungary,, visszavonas[at]netlock[dot]hu,
QuoVadis Commercial Organization Bermuda, Global Provides its Certification Authority (CA) services at Bermuda; The Netherlands; Switzerland; the United
Kingdom; Belgium and Germany. compliance[at]quovadisglobal[dot]com,
SECOM Trust Systems CO., LTD. Public Corporation Japan SECOM is a Japanese commercial CA that provides SSL and client certificates for e-Government and participates in several projects for financial institutions to ensure the secured on-line transactions. ra-support[at]secom[dot]co[dot]jp, ca-support[at]ml[dot]secom-sts[dot]co[dot]jp
Sectigo Private Corporation USA, UK, Global Commercial CA based in the UK and serving customers worldwide.,,,, sslabuse[at]sectigo[dot]com
SK ID Solutions AS Commercial Organization Baltic region (Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia) SK has the backing of Estonian and Nordic financial and telecom sector. SK’s customers include the Estonian court system and notaries, Central Bank and commercial banks, and enforcement organisations. info[at]sk[dot]ee Commercial Organization USA, Global provides digital certificates in over 150 countries worldwide, with the goal of expanding adoption of encryption technologies and best practices through education, tools and expertise. support[at]ssl[dot]com,
Swisscom (Switzerland) Ltd Commercial Organization Switzerland
SwissSign AG Public Corporation Switzerland,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, (for Topic choose "Notification of incorrectly issued certificate")
T-Systems International GmbH (Deutsche Telekom) Commercial Organization Germany,,
Taiwan-CA Inc. (TWCA) Commercial Organization Taiwan ca[at]twca[dot]com[dot]tw
Telia Company (formerly TeliaSonera) Commercial Organization Finland, Europe, Sweden TeliaSonera provides network access and telecommunication services as well as CA services.,, cainfo[at]telia[dot]fi,
TrustCor Systems Commercial Organization Canada, Global TrustCor develops privacy protection services and issues certificates to its customers in support of such services. security[at]trustcor[dot]ca
Trustis Commercial Organization UK and Europe authorisation[at]trustis[dot]com,
Trustwave Commercial Organization USA, Global Business Unit of Singapore Telecommunications Limited (Singtel) sslsupport[at]trustwave[dot]com,,
TurkTrust Private Corporation Turkey TURKTRUST issues certificates to the public. bilgi[at]turktrust[dot]com[dot]tr,
Visa Private Corporation USA, Global PKIPolicy[at]visa[dot]com, Commercial Organization USA, UK Group, Inc., is the parent company of Network Solutions., sslsupport[at]networksolutions[dot]com,
WISeKey Private Corporation Switzerland, Global WISeKey provides worldwide eSecurity services based or related to electronic identities and digital certificates. There’s no focus on a particular region or customer profile.,,, support[at]wisekey[dot]com, cps[at]wisekey[dot]com