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Certificate Issuer Organization
Certificate Issuer Organizational Unit
Root Certificate Name
Removal Bug No. or Date
Certificate Serial Number
SHA-256 Fingerprint
Subject + SPKI SHA256
Valid From [GMT]
Valid To [GMT]
Public Key Algorithm
Signature Hash Algorithm
Trust Bits
EV Policy OID(s)
Approval Bug
NSS Release When First Included
Firefox Release When First Included
Company Website
Certificate Policy (CP)
Certification Practice Statement (CPS)
DigiCert GeoTrust Inc. (c) 2007 GeoTrust Inc. - For authorized use only GeoTrust Primary Certification Authority - G2 3CB2F4480A00E2FEEB243B5E603EC36B 5EDB7AC43B82A06A8761E8D7BE4979EBF2611F7DD79BF91C1C6B566A219ED766 A073D36CA9EBA1345C9D7FA2780755CDE195186DAA6C99B01CAD94DB2BF236E8 2007.11.05 2038.01.18 EC secp384r1 ecdsaWithSHA384 Websites Not EV NSS 3.12.6 Firefox 3.6.2;;
DigiCert VeriSign, Inc. VeriSign Trust Network, (c) 2008 VeriSign, Inc. - For authorized use only VeriSign Universal Root Certification Authority 401AC46421B31321030EBBE4121AC51D 2399561127A57125DE8CEFEA610DDF2FA078B5C8067F4E828290BFB860E84B3C 95CFF1062FF431C179C0D5BF1D2E09A9C551EA17CC85960CE8D13F57485191B2 2008.04.02 2037.12.01 RSA 2048 bits SHA256WithRSA Email; Websites Not EV NSS 3.12.5 Firefox 3.6;;
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